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We provide world-class software development projects in an inspiring, relaxed working environment.

Currently sought after super-powers:

  • Account Manager ( Tokyo Head Office )

    To support the growth of our client services business, we are looking for an account manager with a couple of years of experience.

    • business English, strong writing skills required
    • big plus: Excel wizardry, native-level Japanese language

    Passionate about web technology, organized and personable, you enjoy understanding organizational and business challenges our clients face, and you have some skill at reading corporate situations.

    You will often be the face of the company: developing new business, and maintaining solid relationships with a few of our existing clients, ensuring they get great value out of our work. Internally, you will champion the interests of our clients, and keep an eye on the projects portfolio.

    I'm what you're looking for, count me in!


We are multi-national

Being a company with people working for and with us from around the world comes with a price: we expect every employee to be fluent in English on a technical level. Everyone at The Plant is bilingual, some of us speak three or more languages.


But I’m not a programmer…

Every now and then we are also looking for other reinforcements at The Plant such as Project Managers, Consultants, Designers or Office Managers. Don’t be shy, apply anyway, and we’ll take it from there!


Near or far, or even elsewhere.

We have offices in Japan (Tokyo), Australia (Canberra) and China (Hangzhou). Being webworkers ourselves we embrace the web wholeheartedly, which enables some people to work for us from their homes. The teams for most of our projects consist of people located in several countries.


What programming languages?

Although we do most of our work in Ruby and Go, we don’t make it a requirement to have experience in one particular programming language. Whatever language you have experience in, simply make sure you’re damn good at it. Good programmers can pick up another language rather quickly – so will you.

I'm what you're looking for, count me in!